Families worldwide are diagnosed with childhood cancer every year


A tremendous impact

Even with an improved prognosis, the diagnosis, treatment and long-term effects are a very stressful and frightening experience for children and their families.

The cost of surviving cancer

Although many children now survive cancer, the battle does not end there. More than 73% will have chronic health problems as a consequence of the aggressive treatments they receive.

Long lasting side effects

42% of survivors will suffer severe or life-threatening conditions such as cognitive late-effects, PTSD, physical disabilities, depression, heart disease and secondary cancers.


Far beyond treatment

Despite the common perception, the combination of physical and intellectual impairments not only greatly affects children and their families during treatment, but for the rest of their lives. 

Loneliness and social isolation

While friends and family may offer support, families often feel that only those who have lived through a similar experience can truly understand the difficulty of the journey.

A much needed resource

Existing resources are only available during treatment or follow-up visits and
well-intentioned support initiatives by outside organizations are temporary and insufficient.


The Solution

The Solution


Richi House is a program of the Richi Foundation that seeks to offer pediatric cancer patients, survivors, and families a non-clinical community center close to pediatric cancer hospitals where they can share the difficult journey that starts with diagnosis and continues beyond treatment with other families.

Richi House is a one-of-a-kind welcoming environment where families can unwind, get to know one another, and share their experiences while engaging in different types of activities.



Structured psychosocial support to guide families coping with treatment and side effects.


Qualified professionals providing specially tailored therapeutic programs.

Social Environment

Activities to facilitate informal interaction and the development of social relationships between families.



Educational support for survivors who have developed cognitive deficits and learning difficulties or disabilities.

Games and Sports

Recreational activities designed to entertain individuals or groups of children and teenagers.


Long and short term private apartments for displaced families who are in treatment or follow-up care.


First Opening

First Opening


The Richi Foundation is working with faculty and students from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning to understand the context, setting and role of the first Richi House



This collaboration will help the Richi Foundation understand the needs of the design team when building the first Richi House in Boston and for future ones in other cities and countries.



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