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Why - HSJD Barcelona


Why - HSJD Barcelona

Childhood brain cancer has the highest losses and
is the most complex to treat. 

It accounts for approximately 40% of all childhood cancer cases diagnosed worldwide each year.

There are more than
120 different types of childhood brain and spinal cord tumors. 

Unfortunately, certain
types of brain tumors still
have no expectation
for recovery.

Some children diagnosed with brain cancer will require lifelong treatment and constant monitoring.

Survivors suffer from multiple physical, neurological and psychological side effects for the rest of their lives.

The risk of recurrence and new tumors is higher than in any other type of childhood cancer.

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Challenge | HSJD Barcelona

Challenge | HSJD Barcelona


Children and adolescents affected by brain tumors belong to a unique group of patients. They face a number of very specific and complex difficulties in their battle against the disease.

Providing patients with a better prognosis and quality of life during and after treatment requires a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized experts and an environment that is adapted and customized according to their needs.




We work closely with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Centre of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona to increase their level of expertise in childhood brain and spinal cord tumors through several specific measures.

We are funding 480 hours
per year for
neuro-oncologist Dr. Federico Ramos to design a program specialized in helping
pediatric brain tumors survivors.

We also plan to increase the expertise of Dr. Federico Ramos by giving him the opportunity to spend time with a team of experts in neuro-oncology at Dana-Farber in Boston.

We are identifying
the first pediatric neurosurgeon who will be given the opportunity to expand their expertise in the neurosurgery unit at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.