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Mission | Richi Expertise


Mission | Richi Expertise


To ensure that all children and adolescents who suffer from cancer have the best prognosis and quality of life.


There are 12 types of childhood cancer
and countless subtypes.


Pediatric cancer is different from adult cancer. It requires
a very high level of
specialized expertise and treatment.

Some types of
childhood cancer are so complex that they
demand even greater expertise.

Brain cancer, with more than 120 tumor subtypes, is just one example of the enormous challenge of treating this disease.

The lack of specialization decreases the likelihood
of a good outcome and increases the risk
of relapse. 

There are children and adolescents who do not win their battle simply because they do not have access to the highest level of expertise.

Many survivors will suffer serious or life threatening side effects because they lack access to specialized treatment.


Our contribution

Our contribution


Richi Expertise is a program of the Richi Foundation which aims to provide hospitals around the world with the necessary resources to achieve the level of expertise needed to confront childhood cancer. 

We work with world-class institutions

We have access to the highest level of expertise in childhood cancer through partnerships with prestigious institutions in pediatric oncology such as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

We identify needs worldwide

We assess the needs of pediatric oncology hospitals around the world to help them increase their level of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer.

We customize proposals

We develop a strategic plan with each hospital to establish and fund the mechanisms that will enable their pediatric oncology team to increase their level of specialization.



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