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Richi childhood Cancer Foundation

Lost to cancer
More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. and developed countries than any other disease.
Each 3 minutes
Worldwide, more than 175,000 new families suffer through childhood cancer each year.
Long term effects
More than 73% of survivors will have a chronic health problem forever.
Lack of funding
The National Cancer Institute of the US only invests 4% for childhood cancer research funding.

More than 12 types

Research is challenging because there are more than 12 types of childhood cancers and countless subtypes.

Cannot be prevented

The causes of most childhood cancers are unknown, are not related to lifestyle factors, and cannot be prevented like in adults.

20% of Cancer kids

Only 20% of cancer kids can be diagnosed early while many adults survive due to early prevention.


The combination of the physical and intellectual impairments and the emotional impact of cancer, can greatly affect a child’s social world.

Specific research

Brain tumors are the deadliest forms of childhood cancer, unlike those in adults, and require specific research.

Non profit business

Pharmaceutical companies often shy away from developing childhood cancer drugs because of low profit levels.

Our mission consists to ensure that all children who suffer at the hands of cancer have the opportunity for a better prognosis and quality of life.

We help alleviate the strain that a life threatening illness puts on children with cancer and their family members by providing a relaxing, carefree, and enjoyable environment.

Imagine a place where children would rediscover their childhoods for a while, leaving behind nurses, doctors, treatments, suffering, and lives as patients.
We support research focused on finding cures for childhood cancer and giving survivors long and healthy lives.

We deal with leading pediatric hospitals and research centers such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, establishing the necessary partnerships that allow us to support them financially for finding cures.
We share the latest in pediatric oncology with those areas that have limited access through our scholarship program for specialist training knowledge.

This is our firm commitment strengthened by our outstanding determination to provide all children the opportunity for a better prognosis and quality of life.
We create a reference center in Europe, specializing in childhood brain and spinal cord tumors.

The children and adolescents who are affected by this type of cancer belong to a unique group of patients who face a very specific and complicated series of difficulties and challenges in their battle against the disease, both during and after their treatments.

"A social obligation to ensure every child has a chance in life is the greatest responsibility that any individual can ever have"


What do you want to know?

  • Where do your donations goes?

    We received the GuideStar Exchange Gold participation level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. This level demonstrates our deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability. Check it out!
  • Who decides in which research projects we invest?

    Our Scientific Advisory Board establishes the criteria and selects the most promising projects in order to advise the Board of Directors to make the final decision.
  • Can you get access to our annual reports?

    Of course! We have adopted the Donor Bill of Rights and the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising in order to grow the Foundation with integrity, ethicality and goodwill.

    By the end of our fiscal year you will be able to download our annual report which will give you access to the statement of our activities and financial information.

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